7th February 2029

Geneva, Switzerland

To: The Secretary-General of the United Nations

Dear Madame,

Please accept this written statement as notice of my resignation from the position of Director of UNOSRM, and also from my position of Special Advisor to the IPCC. I intend to carry out my duties until the end of May, after which I intend to retire from public life, while of course facing any civil and criminal charges that may arise.

I believe that the reasons for my resignation should be made public, and with that in mind I would like to request a platform to speak to the UN General Assembly, in a public forum, to elaborate on the following points. I regard this as a matter of public interest of the utmost urgency.

People were deliberately misled. The 2024 dossier which led to the creation of UNOSRM was not factually incorrect, but was embellished with tailored, pejorative wording and designed to be deliberately misunderstood. My doctoral thesis, on which this dossier was based, was never intended to inform policy. It was a deliberately provocative paper written by a naïve young student and, moreover, contained alternative climate change solutions, caveats and a balanced conclusion. The thesis was quoted out of context, and then taken out of circulation. My subsequent research has very little to do with Solar Radiation Management – and certainly not using sulphur dioxide – my career before the UN was focused on carbon capture technologies. However all my research papers were taken out of circulation by the CIA.

I was also deliberately misled. I do not wish to absolve myself of the grave responsibility that I must bear for this catastrophic policy. I was blinded by ambition to make a difference, and also by the extremely generous financial incentives offered to me. However I was also assured that SRM was a stop-gap only; a short-term solution to buy us time while we invest in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the long-term. I knew it was a desperate gamble, and possibly an excuse for avoiding tough economic decisions on emissions. However I now know that it was something worse. Other incentives have come into play; there are companies, individuals and governments profiting from this crisis, which is also in violation of the 1977 Geneva convention on the military modification of weather. It has been clear to me for some time that I was placed in this position as what one might call a ‘stooge’ or a ‘fall guy’.

The risk of Termination Shock is very real now that so much private investment in SRM has been withdrawn. It is no exaggeration to state that combating Termination Shock by keeping the balloons going up is a fight for the survival of the human race. I am not the person to do this. I fully recognise my own fault and am willing to face civil and criminal proceedings for my part in this. But with my mental and physical health suffering, I can no longer live with my conscience and can no longer carry out my duties effectively.

Having accelerated history to a point of no return, we stand, as a planet, on a precipice now, on the edge of time. The Veil was designed to protect us; we must now protect the Veil at all costs.

Yours sincerely,


Hari Dash