Report of the Inquiry into the Circumstances Surrounding the Disappearance of Professor Hari Dash.
By Special Counsel Kaveh Russo
Commissioned by the UN Office for Solar Radiation Management and submitted to the UN General Assembly on 29th November 2030

 Section 6.2: The Evidence of Dr. Monique Dash

– Dr. Dash, when was the last time you saw your husband?
We had dinner together as a family on the evening of 8th February, the evening before his disappearance. The next morning I left for work and I haven’t seen him since.

 – How would you describe his state of mind?
The last time I saw him? He was relatively calm – obviously he was anxious about the response to the letter of resignation, which he had submitted on the 7th – but it was a relief to him to have made that decision, and he seemed to have arrived at a sort of resolution.

– And what about in the months and weeks leading up to his disappearance?
As you know I’m a clinical psychiatrist, and in my professional capacity as well that of his wife, I was extremely concerned about him in the weeks and months preceding his disappearance.

He became very closed off; he didn’t seem to trust anyone any more, even me. Those hashtags hit him very hard. He began to look into all sorts of religions. He was born Hindu but had never practised, and now he seemed to be looking for spiritual answers everywhere. He began reading things like Hannah Arendt, you know, about the banality of evil, about Nazi functionaries who committed evil deeds without evil intentions. He was so deeply disappointed with himself, it was very painful to watch him unravel. He saw himself like one of those Nazi functionaries – not a warrior, not inherently evil, but a joiner, just following orders. I think he wished he’d been a better man. Occasionally he would go through manic phases, of trying to find solutions, and he spent a lot of time alone in his office on his computer, very withdrawn from the family. But most of all, there was a deep sadness about him.

– Do you think he was involved in the Aperture revelations?
You mean did he release his own research papers, and the Termination Shock memo? I can’t say for certain. I know he didn’t regret that they were leaked.

– Did he give you any indication that he intended to harm himself in any way?
Did he plan to commit suicide? It may have crossed his mind. His loss of self-esteem went far beyond the public shame.. it’s impossible to exaggerate the black hole of regret that he was in… to think that he might have been responsible for…

But he said he wanted to fix it. I don’t know what that means, I don’t know what he planned to do – but he seemed determined to do something. So no, I don’t believe he intended to kill himself. He said the engine of the world must keep turning. He must keep the engine of the world turning, yes, that’s what he said.

– Did you know about the email exchanges between him and Laurent Baptiste? For the record, Laurent Baptiste is the owner of Infonet Systems and Pharmavo, amongst many other companies, and exchanged a number of emails with Professor Dash, the transcripts of which can be found in section 9 of this document.
To a certain extent. They had had a complicated relationship for a long time. Laurent had funded Hari’s research back in the early days, and we were even family friends for a while – that was a mistake of course, and then there was that unfortunate misallocation of funds of which the CIA made use. It was just naivety. I know that Laurent and Hari had a spectacular falling out a couple of years after the Veil went up. I don’t know the details, Hari said it was classified and neither of us spoke of the details of our work. But then they began communicating again a few months before his disappearance. And I thought that was strange, because Laurent had been the first of the billionaires to pull funding from the Veil, so I would have imagined that Hari would have hated him more than anyone. 

– Has he tried to contact you since his disappearance?
No. If he is alive, then I’m sure he wants to, and I’m sure he can’t.

– What do you think happened to him…
I think if he is still alive, his life is in danger. I do believe there are those who want to eliminate him. There are a lot of unanswered questions. Why did he disappear when he said that he wanted to face the music, to try and solve the problems? He was not a man to escape his responsibilities. I believe there is a conspiracy of some sort, I believe there are a lot of unanswered questions, and I believe that someone, possibly someone in a position of power, knows the answers. There has been a miscarriage of justice, but what that is precisely, I cannot say.