SOUND and the REPROBATION TRILOGY: Resources for Book Clubs

I’ve had a few enquiries from book clubs, and so I’ve put together a list of questions that might help facilitate a discussion about Sound.  Sound can be read as a standalone, but it works best as the third in the Reprobation trilogy, so for those intrepid readers who have read all three, I have added some questions for the trilogy as a whole. I recently joined a book club, invited by my neighbours, and our first session was an absolute joy. We chose Philippa Gregory’s Tidelands, and there was something so exhilarating and empowering about discussing a book together. It’s a great way to get to know people too – better than small talk – and fueled by wine of course!

I love to connect with readers, and the Reprobation trilogy throws up a lot of weighty (and not so weighty) topics for discussion, so if you’re thinking about covering my books, please get in touch!


  1. How important is location in Sound?
  2. Mikko and Helen are an odd couple. What do they see in each other?
  3. How would you describe the writing style? What do the extracts (song lyrics, grimoire excerpts) add to the story?
  4. What are the main themes in Sound?
  5. Do you think there really was a voice from beyond hell? Or was it in everyone’s imagination?
  6. How has Darren developed as a character? Do you think he can carry on being a police officer?


For those who have read Reprobation, Consuming Fire and Sound!

  1. How important is location in the books?
  2. How important is the supernatural?
  3. Do you think the author is religious?
  4. What does Darren learn?
  5. The author is a musician and music journalist. How important is music in each of the three books?
  6. What are the main themes that run through the trilogy?
  7. Which was your favourite book in the trilogy, and why?
  8. Who was your favourite character? Did some characters work better than others?
  9. Who would play the main characters in a TV or movie adaptation of the Reprobation trilogy?
  10. Would you read a fourth book in this series? What would you like to read more of/less of?

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