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Catherine Fearns is a writer and musician from Liverpool, UK. Her Amazon-bestselling Reprobation series of crime fiction novels, first published in 2018, has just been re-released as a boxset from Northodox Press. The first in the series, Reprobation, won a Readers’ Favorite Silver Medal and a Page Turner eBook Award.
Catherine’s first historical fiction novel, All The Parts Of The Soul, is coming in October 2023 from Quill & Crow. She has also been widely published as a music journalist, specializing in heavy metal. She plays guitar and keyboards in the all-female metal band Chaos Rising, and her sheet music compositions are published by Universal Edition.
Catherine currently lives in Switzerland, and has four children, a Tibetan terrier and an axolotl.
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Every so often, a book comes along that blows you away with its uniqueness. For me, Reprobation by Catherine Fearns is one of those books.” Readers’ Favorite
Quite a revelation… an immensely brave novel..” GoodReads

Catherine’s crime fiction series (Reprobation, Consuming Fire, Sound, Lamb Of God), set in her beloved home city of Liverpool, is a unique take on the police procedural genre, with a gothic twist, unforgettable characters and a thematic blend of religion, science and music. Reprobation won a Readers’ Favorite Silver Medal and a Page Turner eBook Award. It also had the honour of being turned into a music album by rock band Geva.
The series has been re-released by Northodox Press, available to download HERE
Catherine has been widely published as a music journalist for V13, Broken Amp, Noisey and others. She is also a contributor to radical new academic text Black Metal Rainbows (PM Press), and her short fiction and non-fiction has appeared in Writing Magazine, Motherdom, Here Comes Everyone, Toasted Cheese, Offshoots, This Is Lockdown & Metal Music Studies.
She is a member of the Crime Writers’ Association and Geneva Writers’ Group.


Catherine is a composer with Universal Edition, where her sheet music is available for purchase. Her first solo album for piano was released in January 2022 from Blue Spiral Records.
She plays guitar, keyboards and writes songs for acclaimed all-female heavy metal project Chaos Rising, and collaborates on several other music projects.
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Catherine Fearns – Logo

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